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One-on-One Coaching

michael and heidi work with couples and individuals

Personal Coaching: Contact us for a free initial consultation and to discuss pricing options.


Michael and Heidi have a weekly LIVEcast on Facebook. This 15-minute broadcast is free of charge. Join us Wednesdays at 2:00pm Pacific Time. Visit our EVENTS page for more details.

4-WEEK “Deep Dive” workshops

Michael and Heidi take groups deeper into the concepts that are taught in the LiveCasts on Wednesday. These are four-week mini-intensives designed to help you apply principles to your life in a practical way. Each mini-intensive is Facebook driven and happens during the month following the LiveCasts and Blog Posts on that subject. The “Deep Dive” for July’s Freedom to Feel theme will be during August. The “Deep Dive” for August’s Consciously Created Living them will be during September and so on. Please see our EVENTS page for details about upcoming LiveCasts.

August 2019 - Connecting with your feelings so you can process them with the Lord. This “Freedom to Feel Deep Dive Workshop” will help you to break free from the behaviors that you may be tempted to use to avoid or numb yourself to difficult situations or feelings. Special introductory price of $19 for the full month of August. After that, our prices go up.

September 2019 - “Consciously Created Living Deep Dive Workshop” will spur you on to be present and mindful when responding to unexpected situations. This is another four-week mini-intensive that will follow August’s blog posts and LiveCasts on this topic. Rather than be taken captive by your run-away thoughts, you can learn practical ways of taking your thoughts captive. If you would like to be notified when we take registration for our “Consciously Created Deep Dive 4-Week Workshop,” please let us know.

October 2019 - Grace, not Performance will assist you in resting in the gift that the Lord has given us…not just for our salvation, but for each day of our lives. We will look at ways that we tend to focus on our performance and how we can escape the jaws of perfectionism. If you would like to be notified when we take registration for our “Grace, Not Performance Deep Dive 4-Week Workshop,” please let us know.

November 2019 - Archetypal Awareness takes Consciously Created Living to a new level by recognizing "who" is in the driver's seat of our lives and being sure we CHOOSE to have the redeemed child of God making decisions, led by the Lord, rather than the "wounded child" or "addict brain," "survivor," etc. This 4-Week Deep Dive Workshop will Archetypal Awareness will encourage you to be sure to invite the Lord to shine the light and expose when an “imposter” shows up in your life.

Small Group Coaching

We are currently sponsoring Thin Within Fresh Wind Fresh Desire Small Coaching Groups that begin at the beginning of September, 2019, and continue through most of July. If you would like more information, please visit us at this page.