This is the most recent email we sent out about our small coaching groups that we are leading beginning this week. We want anyone and everyone who might be interested to have this information! :-)

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Huh? What? Why would I say that, Heidi? 😜

I will show you, if you hang with me through this email. I think it will be worth it! 👍🏻

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In less than 8 weeks, Harvest and Halloween celebrations will ignite the world with colors, costumes and candy.

In less than 12 weeks, we will be giving thanks over tabletops ladened with taste-bud tantalizing goodness.

In 107 days, all the Christmas shopping will be done and family and friends will gather to rejoice at the birth of our Lord and Savior. Cookie exchanges, brunches, Secret Santa parties--the list of holy-day temptations is endless!

Then, New Years Eve!

How will we manage the upcoming Fall/Winter Holiday season?🤔

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So here goes...

The upcoming holiday season can be different than any you have had before, Heidi.

How? By setting your intention. Even now.

Decide now--today--what this coming holiday season, with the many magical and wonderful possibilities, will be about for you. Then, decide again each and every day...even more often if you need to!

  • Will it be about the food, followed by New Year's Resolutions to return to the gym and Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or __(insert "favorite" diet here)__ and lose the weight gained? 😬

  • Will it be about loving others well? By engaging in conversation, serving, reaching out in love, catching up on news, relishing others? (Think about how likely this is to happen when we view each holiday event as a personal food fest!)

  • Will it be about loving the Lord well? Worshiping and delighting in growing in intimacy with Him during a season filled with so many voices and distractions that seem to pull us away from closeness with Him?

Let's set our intention for our last three months of 2019--to end this year well.
So how do we do that?

Heidi, our small coaching groups aren't for everyone. They are expensive and require a great time investment as well. So, even if you haven't signed up for our coaching groups and don't plan to, I want to encourage you to make this upcoming holiday season be about growing more intimate with Jesus.It is as we seek first HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness and stop worrying about what we will eat or drink or what we will wear, that "all these things will be added" as well (Matthew 5:31-33). He never intended for holy-days to be a justification for greed and gluttony!

May I please share with you just 5 strategies that we will use to ramp up for victory this holiday season in our coaching groups and 5 ways you can apply THE SAME STRATEGIES even without a coaching group, Heidi?

1.) In our small coaching groups, we recognize the lies that we believe relative to emotions (many of which surge during holiday time), celebrations, entitlement and the like.

You don't need a small coaching group to do this. Instead, take time daily to sit with the Lord and ask for His guidance to remember situations where you dethroned Him and put food or self on the throne. Ask him to reveal to you the lies you believe. One resource we recommend for this is I Deserve a Donut book or app by Barb Raveling. It is a traveling companion that can help you to identify the lies that you may have embraced so long that they feel like truth!

2.) In our small coaching groups, we study Scriptures that apply "targeted truth" to our tendency to wander when it comes to food and eating.

You don't need a small coaching group to do this. Dive in to the Word of God and invite God to show you His Truth for you. Ask Him to show you scriptures that you can write down, journal about, and personalize. The Spirit can give you truth that is unique for what you struggle with, too. While not on par with Scripture (of course), it can be very helpful to give Him this opportunity to speak with you personally.

3.) In our small coaching groups, we learn over a dozen ways of renewing our minds (including many "on the fly" techniques we use when checking out at the grocery store, waiting in a doctor's office, vacuuming, or driving to work). Romans 12:2 tells us we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. We believe permanent lasting change requires that we think differently about food, eating, God, ourselves, and lots of other things that often lure us to eat. So, Heidi, we have to tell ourselves what to think. We will believe what we tell ourselves and we will act on what we believe. It makes sense to start telling ourselves the things God wants us to tell ourselves so that we start believing Him and acting on what He says is true!

You don't need a small coaching group to do this. Again, take time with the God of the Universe who knows you intimately. If you belong to Jesus Christ, then His Spirit is in you. Ask the Spirit to show you ways of thinking differently. Consider doing a search for ideas on the internet (be cautious, as always!) about "How to renew your mind." At our blog, YouTube channel and Sound Cloud Feed, we have many suggestions and you could get a lot of ideas there. I hope you will make use of these free resources!

4.) In our coaching groups, we are accountable to one another in a structured way. Knowing that we will be sharing with others what we need prayer for and how are are doing, observing and correcting together...really helps! We are NOT alone!

You don't need a small coaching group to do this. You can gather some friends! Be sure you all are like-minded and can pray for one another...include the other points we share in this newsletter (recognizing lies, replacing lies with truth, renewing your mind, and learning from the failures so failure doesn't get a chance to define you!).

5.) In our small coaching groups, when we mess up, stumble or fail, we remind one another to ask the Lord how He would like to redeem it. We ask God to show us at least two "corrections" from the mess-up so that we can be equipped for victory going forward. We write these down as our "Lessons Learned List." This is our truth from God, Heidi, preparing us for future victory!

Heidi, you don't need a small coaching group to do any of these things. You and the Lord can do it together. Or use your accountability group to remind one another!

It may not sound like it, Heidi, but I do I hope you will join us for our small group coaching session. I really believe that the small coaching group model is the single most effective way people who embrace the Thin Within principles can walk out their victory and get a running start on the holidays (or vacations, or normal life!).

As always, walking with you!

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