God is in Control, Always!


We recently had an amazing week and it was a God-given opportunity to praise Him through the trial.

When my wife and I were asked to leave the property where we thought we would be staying through October by the following weekend, all the thoughts to cower in fear, cry out in anguish, to feel defeated, betrayed and even lied to, and so many more negative thoughts came across our minds. We were terrified, confused, and even a little panicked, but then we remembered: God is in control!

When I pray for God’s leading and He moves in a way I didn’t expect, is it really ok for me to be afraid or feel defeated? NO! God is in control! 

When I turn my life over to Him and ask Him to guide me, to direct me, to take me wherever He has for me, am I really going to feel lied to because of anything a man told me? NO! God is in control!

For months Heidi and I have been thanking God for His provision. We have been praying for His leading and thanking Him for the path He has us on. We have prayed that our will be His will. When He moves, Heidi and I have to be intentional--conscious--with our reply. Not to allow ourselves to respond in fear, but to take every thought captive and remind ourselves who is in control.

After reminding ourselves of the truth, that God is in control, about a thousand times, we had to ask: “What do You have for us next and what are You asking us to do?”

In Ephesians 6:13, we are told “having done all, to stand.” The key in this instruction is “having done all.” The next few verses spell this out a little more, but I will give you the “Michael Revised Standard Version” ☺. 

The Word tells me to remember God’s truth. I am righteous through the blood of Christ. I am to prepare myself with the peace that can only come from the throne of our Almighty Lord. I must believe, have faith, that God is in control even when it seems the world is crashing down on me. I must continually remind myself to guard my thoughts with the knowledge that I am God’s child. It is only through the Word of God that my enemy is defeated. I must pray without ceasing and to ask and keep on asking for the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit that lives inside of me.

With these things in mind, how could I ever fear?

 Oh! It is too easy to fear. 

It is too easy to lament those things God is asking us to leave behind. 

It is too easy to say, “I can’t do this!” 

It is too easy to want to run and hide, to turn to things to make me feel better by satisfying my flesh. 

But that isn’t what God has called me to do. He has asked me to call on Him, to cry out to Him as David did in the Psalms. David does cry out to God and he even asks God why a lot, but in the end David always gives praises to God and shows God honor and glory. 

We are never promised that we won’t face trials, disappointments, pain, heartache, people doing us wrong, loss, or any other thing you want to add to the list. In fact, He promises that we will experience those things. 

But He also promises that when you submit your thoughts, actions and will to Him that He will give you the desires of your heart--all according to His will and in His timing. 

This is living with intention. It is choosing to tell yourself God’s truth over a situation and choosing to believe His truth no matter what. We must remind ourselves that God is in control--always! 

This is Consciously Created Living.

~ Michael Epperson